Being Grateful: 1

Happy New Year to all you wonderful people. I hope your year is successful, however you define that word.

It’s tempting to launch into the usual resolutions – lose weight, get fitter, save money, find love, blah. I’ve previously used those tags as a launch pad for the new year, then used to them flagellate myself when the inevitable happens.

This year I’m experimenting with a year long project to Make Me Happy. A lot has been said about the power of gratitude, which has consistently washed over me as I’m the kind of guy who still sends cards to thank people. But, it’s much more than that – it’s about being presently grateful for what we have; a nurturing constant recognition that there’s usually something great, amazing or touching in our lives, no matter how much shit is sliding down our face.

I’ve battled throughout my life with introspective negative thinking: what’s wrong with me? if I had more money I’d be happy, if I had a boyfriend I’d be happy, if I lived in a nicer area I’d be happy, if I had an Abercrombie body I’d be happier. It’s been a constant, low level gurgling and it’s tiring. So I’ve decided to take a meta view – focus on what I have, not what I don’t – and hope that taking a photo each day of something for which I’m grateful will, theoretically and gradually, drown out the negativity with *gulp* happiness.  For more info on the idea, check out 365Grateful.

1 Jan 2014

My parents are my bedrock

2 Jan 2014

I’m grateful for the access to unusual theatre








3 Jan 2014

The way the sun streams into my living room

4 Jan 2014

Knowing my friends are there






5 Jan 2014

Having odd, creative friends



About richienglish

I'm a photographer with a predilection for death, sexuality, mental health and odd stuff. Say hi, I like chatting.
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